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What We Offer

An all-in-one agile performance management and employee engagement solution.

Every company needs an agile performance management and employee engagement strategy that will actually motivate and retain employees. But you also need a platform that puts employee experience at the forefront. The immediacy of social media and the digitization of almost every other business process means that HR has an opportunity to modernize traditional processes like performance reviews, rewards programs and annual employee surveys.

Today’s workforce also wants to set their own goals, receive feedback more regularly than once a year, be coached and most importantly – understand how their work is affecting larger corporate objectives.

HighGround offers an agile performance management and employee engagement software that changes the way employees develop, recognize and reward one another and participate in surveys. Everything is done in real-time so you get immediate insight and can make adjustments where necessary. Improving employee performance and engagement can be done using HighGround.

Take a look at our offerings by role or functional capabilities and learn how our platform and professional services will enable your success. Read this datasheet to learn more about HighGround’s comprehensive performance management and employee engagement solution.

The HighGround Platform

Modernize your approach to developing and recognizing employees through a simple, mobile-friendly platform.

The HighGround Experience

Find out how we can help you create an engaged company culture, smoothly institute change and identify opportunities to improve performance.

Solutions by Role

Explore how HighGround can impact every facet of your organization, from individual contributors and managers to the C-suite.

Real-Time Performance Management

Modernize employee performance and development with real-time coaching and feedback

Recognition & Rewards

Amplify your corporate culture with real-time recognition and rewards.


Understand the voice of the employee through pulse surveys and polling.