HighGround - Real-time Performance Management & Recognition Platform

Successful businesses need high-performing workforces.

HighGround is a real-time performance management and recognition platform.

"HighGround integrates goal management, feedback, check-ins, and social recognition in one system, a forward-thinking strategy that demonstrates where the market is likely headed."
Josh Bersin
Principal and Founder, Bersin™, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Goals This company made goal setting more effective through an agile, ongoing approach.

Employees get an opportunity to know how they are doing, how they can be doing better, and just have clarity. We’re now able to really talk through individual and department level goals, and how those align to company goals. There’s a lot of visibility.

Check-Ins Managers at this organization can better serve as coaches and advocates for their teams.

Employees who do the check-ins actually tend to get more quality feedback from their manager and they’re much clearer about what's expected them at work.

Feedback This company wanted to make feedback an effective asset to their business.

HighGround helped us create a true “feedback culture” where employees are comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback and it’s simply part of our everyday organizational life.

Talent Assessment Give managers a lightweight employee assessment tool to inform decisions such as compensation and promotions.

We have completely evolved our compensation planning -- moving away from a focal point to ensuring managers have a higher level of discretion. It’s done in more real-time, relevant ways for every team member.

Recognition & Rewards This company reduced turnover by 5% after tying recognition and rewards to larger business objectives.

We've heard from employees that they look at people who are getting recognition, see what they are being recognized for, and they know what it takes to be successful. They are also excited that people can see their contributions.

Survey Employees’ voices are heard more frequently through ongoing sentiment tracking.

Pulse surveys with a few instantaneous questions allow you to drill down into one particular area and find out sentiment. Analysis is very critical -- you’ve got to do something with the data.”

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