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Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind the scenes.

Vip Sandhir, HighGround founder and CEO

Vip Sandhir


The idea man.

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Andee Harris, HighGround's Chief Engagement Officer

Andee Harris


She’s an adventure seeker and world traveler.

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Anjoo Rai-Marchant


At the ripe old age of five, she decided to change her name to Anjoo. (pronounced “un ju”)

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Anna Burke, HighGround's Vice President of Marketing

Anna Burke

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Anna is all things marketing. She makes a mean guacamole.

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Philippe Lunardelli, HighGround's Vice President of Finance

Philippe Lunardelli

Vice President of Finance

Philippe is our finance guru and resident cyclist. Don’t worry – he doesn’t wear spandex to the office.

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Cu Tuan Pham-Barnes, HighGround's Senior Vice President of Engineering

Cu (Tuan Pham-Barnes)

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Cu is the king of coding and has been known to drop a rhyme or two. His LinkedIn profile is a masterpiece.

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