HighGround - Our Story and Who We Are

The HighGround Story

Here’s why we’re passionate about excellent employee experiences.

HighGround was founded in 2012 as a result of a simple observation:

Human Capital Management systems tend to the needs of the HR administrator but largely ignore the employee. Today’s modern employees expect the workplace to provide them the same level of service, convenience and instant access to information that they get from consumer technology. Meanwhile, according to a 2017 Gallup study, nearly 70% of all employees are disengaged. Digitalistmag cited that 90% of leaders agree this is a problem, and yet only 25% have a strategy to address it.

This misalignment led our founders to imagine employees that are fully engaged at work. They developed the HighGround platform to support it. Our product, built on a foundation of cloud, mobile and data visualization, complements an existing HCM ecosystem by introducing a place where:

  • Employees are encouraged to recognize one another’s accomplishments and their opinions are valued.
  • Managers have tools to make coaching, feedback and recognition easy.
  • Executives get real-time data about organizational health.


Our people-focused talent solutions facilitate continuous feedback and align teams to a shared purpose in order to bring out the best work and celebrate successes.


To deliver exceptional workplace experiences where employees thrive and employers are known as a best place to work.


Provide exceptional customer service and live out the HighGround values every day.

Commit to Customer Excellence

Our customers are our true partners and our north star.

Commit to Customer Excellence

Our customers are our true partners and our north star.

Decide with Data

We use data to make more informed, unbiased decisions.

Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

It takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed.

Go the Extra Mile

We are hardworking and will go all-in to help the team get the job done.

Take Fun Seriously

We are serious about creating an approachable, team-oriented workplace we love.

Take Ownership and Be Accountable

We take initiative, honor our commitments and respect our peers.

Think Big

Innovation is the foundation of our company. We have open minds and passionate spirits.