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Fail-Proof Your Transition to Continuous Performance Management

A Discussion with Leapgen and Waypoint Homes

CHROs and Talent Management leaders everywhere are talking about how to reinvent performance management processes in order to greatly improve the quality of conversations between managers and their employees and drive better business outcomes.

Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO, Leapgen will lead a discussion with HR leaders Andrew Bartlow, VP of HR and Meredith Silipo, Senior HR Generalist, of Waypoint Homes about Waypoint’s transformative journey from an annual performance review cycle to one of continuous feedback and engagement.

About Leapgen

Leapgen provides what you need to support your workforce of tomorrow with services that are:

  • Compelling – Based on innovative, forward-looking practices
  • Contextual – Tailored to your organization and delivered to your workforce
  • Continuous – Ongoing focused on the now and the next (i.e., beyond go-live)

Leapgen incubates digital workforce transformation inside our own walls, leveraging our LeapLab as a “tinkering tank” in which we experiment with new technologies and practices so we can recommend next-generation solutions to you.

About Waypoint

The new Waypoint Homes is the rising leader in providing quality, single-family rental homes. Stemming from power players, Colony American Homes and Waypoint Homes, the modern real estate company now owns more than 30,000 homes in 10 states across the United States.