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Using Employee Performance Feedback for Better HR Outcomes

Employee performance employee performance feedback improves performance and engagement by meeting employees’ need for more frequent interactions with managers. In contrast to annual reviews that gauge the individual’s past performance, ongoing conversations with managers empower employees to achieve their goals through continuous dialogue and collaborative, agile goal-setting.

Employee Performance Feedback in Today’s Workplace

The workplace is changing. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in the use of technology and the development of strategies to meet the needs of employees who prefer a more flexible and transparent work environment.

A recent HighGround performance management study, “Beyond the Annual Review: The Transformative State of Performance Conversations,” found that in today’s workplace, just 7 percent of managers still hold annual conversations with their employees. Far more managers (51%) have employee performance feedback conversations at least once a week.

Frequent check-ins help managers stay attuned to employees’ progress. But just as importantly, employees who participate in continuous employee performance feedback conversations with managers feel more supported and valued than those who only receive annual performance reviews.

Employee Performance Feedback: Best Practices for HR Teams

To improve performance and meet the needs of the modern workforce, HR teams are turning to processes that enable continuous feedback. Performance management, employee engagement and other HR priorities can benefit from an approach that encourages regular interactions between employees, managers and peers.

On a high level, the key ingredients of an improved performance feedback program include:

  1. Real-Time Performance Feedback ConversationsMore frequent employee performance feedback conversations produce better results for employees and the organization. The HighGround performance management study showed that 47 percent of employees who participate in weekly feedback conversations believe these check-ins enable them to do better work compared to those who participate in biannual (21%) and annual (15%) feedback conversations.

    It’s important to recognize that feedback conversations don’t have to be long to be effective. Eighty-three percent of check-ins last less than 30 minutes and a third of check-ins are less than 10 minutes. In practice, the length of check-ins goes down as the frequency goes up.

  2. Agile Goal-SettingThe shift in the frequency of performance conversations also affects employee goal-setting. In the past, managers incorporated goals into annual performance reviews. The result: Employee goals were static and unsuited to the dynamic nature of today’s workplace.

    In addition to frequent employee performance feedback conversations, the new generation of managers is moving to a more agile goal-setting mindset. HighGround research showed that 82 percent of Millennial managers require their employees to set goals on quarterly basis, significantly higher than the 51 percent of Baby Boomer managers who use quarterly goals.

    Agile goal-setting helps companies embrace a growth mindset by enabling employees to constantly set new goals based on skills they want to acquire or new milestones they would like to achieve over the next month or quarter.

  3. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) FeedbackPerformance feedback shouldn’t be limited to interactions between managers and employees. Increasingly, employees are discovering that peer-to-peer (P2P) feedback is valuable for improving performance and helping them achieve their workplace goals.

    The inclusion of P2P feedback in the performance evaluation lifecycle also offers important benefits to HR leaders and managers. This approach provides a more complete perspective of employees’ progress and strengthens a culture of accountability where everyone strives for constant improvement.

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