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Traditional, paper-based methods of performance management performance management are inefficient and rarely lead to improved performance. To create a high-performing company culture, you need employee-centric performance management software. HighGround can help you get there.

Our platform rids your organization of ineffective reviews and turns these conversations into real-time, useful coaching discussions.

How Performance Management Software Helps Your Organization

The traditional approach to performance management is changing. HighGround addresses this transition by providing an intuitive platform that enables employees and managers to have ongoing, actionable and meaningful performance conversations.

Our performance management system delivers a variety of benefits to your organization:

Employees Can

Employees Can

  • Set frequent check-ins with managers
  • Request, deliver and receive real-time, continuous feedback
  • Set and track individual goals that align with both overall organizational goals and their individual career growth

Managers Can

Managers Can

  • Identify areas for performance improvement
  • Save time and resources by using automated, web-based processes>/li>
  • Solicit feedback on their own performance as managers
  • Track employee progress and goal achievements, stepping in when needed

Make the Transition to Agile Performance Management Software

Employees want to perform to the best of their ability. Give them a platform with the support and tools to reach a new level of productivity and performance. Give them HighGround

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