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Simple Ways You Can Improve Company Culture

Working to improve company culture is becoming a top priority for businesses. Culture is a big factor for attracting employees, and an even bigger factor in whether or not they stay for the long haul. Overall, company culture is the personality of your organization, setting the tone for your workplace environment.

A Columbia University Study revealed that job turnover at organizations with rich company cultures was only 13.9 percent, compared to 48.4 percent for offices with poor, less favorable culture. The bottom line: Employees are more likely to work harder and stay at organizations longer when they’re satisfied with their employers’ driving principles and ethos.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Company Culture

Think you never have to adjust to cultivate and improve company culture? Think again. As your organization grows, it’s easy for culture to get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, this can deplete morale and increase employee turnover. If you’re worried things have started to slip through the cracks, there are a few simple ways to improve company culture right now:

  • Let employees control their career trajectory. Setting goals for employees does little to improve company culture. It makes staff feel like they don’t have any say in how their career plays out. Instead, let employees handle their own goal-setting and career objectives. Your role is to offer guidance and support when needed, tracking their progress along the way.
  • Recognize and reward employee contributions. A culture of recognition helps employees feel less like a number and more like a valued member of the team. Recognize employees for their hard work and achievements when you can. It’s even better when recognition doesn’t come solely from the top of the corporate chain, but from peers and customers too.
  • Give employees a voice. Large enterprises typically wrestle with the issue of being too big to hear every employees’ opinions or concerns. Consider using a survey tool that lets employees share their opinions, giving you a better pulse on the company. When employees have the chance to voice their opinions, they’re more likely to feel that their input is essential to company growth and problem solving.

Improve Company Culture with HighGround

In today’s complex business environment, you can’t take company culture lightly. HighGround offers an HR cloud platform designed with employees in mind, building highly engaged cultures through ongoing real-time performance management, real-time recognition, survey tools and more.

Our platform breaks the mold for HR solutions by engaging employees and empowering them to use their voice to help improve company culture. Check out our eBook, “Feedback is Not the Enemy” for more.