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Setting the Stage for More Effective Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics drive smarter HR decision-making. But the effective use of analytics doesn’t just happen – it requires a comprehensive strategy and robust workforce analytics solution that converts data into action.

Actionable People Data Begins With the Right Workforce Analytics Software

Robust workforce analytics software creates opportunities for improved employee engagement and better business outcomes. There are a multitude of HR technologies on the market and the first step is to identify a cloud-based platform that gives you real-time insight into performance and engagement.

From a workforce analytics perspective, the best performance management and employee engagement platforms include features that streamline the capture and conversion of data into actionable insights for HR teams and employees:

  • Real-time Data Capture – Traditional data capture processes don’t cut it anymore. You need a workforce analytics solution that captures real-time data on coaching conversations, check-ins, peer feedback, recognitions received, rewards given, pulse surveys, employee polling and benchmark surveys.
  • Intuitive Dashboard – Easy-to-use dashboards empower HR teams to take data-driven actions. HR no longer has to sift through data on spreadsheets. With an intuitive, simple user experience, HR team members get quick access to reports and workforce analytics that can be a catalyst for meaningful change.
  • Segmented Data Analysis – Today’s workforce is extremely diverse, especially in organizations that have multiple locations and business units. Ideally, workforce analytics software should allow you to analyze data by business unit, location, tenure and other key attributes.

When selecting performance management and employee engagement technology, it’s important to have analytics in mind from the start. If existing technologies can’t deliver the data you need to make smarter decisions and improve engagement, move on to the next solution.

Creating a Strategy for Workforce Analytics

Robust workforce analytics software is the starting point for leveraging data to foster healthier and more productive employees. But analytics technology has no value unless it is supported by a comprehensive employee engagement strategy that allows you to collect sufficient quantities of the right data.

  • Create a continuous engagement cycle. A continuous performance management and engagement cycle lets you capture important insights from your workforce on a near-constant basis, rather than just once or twice a year. In turn, your HR team is better equipped to take meaningful actions on problems as they occur.
  • Consider all metrics. If you aren’t monitoring engagement metrics like recognition and sentiment in relation to performance and other variables, it’s impossible to accurately gauge the overall health of the workforce.
  • Aggregate data. Aggregate data with other data sources in the organization to further extend the value of workforce analytics. Also, explore ways to export analytics data to other solutions using APIs.

Get Better Results From Workforce Analytics With HighGround

HighGround is an all-in-one performance management and employee engagement platform that equips HR teams with the data they need to engage employees on a more meaningful level.

Designed to provide real-time data in a continuous engagement cycle, HighGround is a trusted partner to organizations that place employees front and center in the process of overcoming workplace challenges.

For more information about HighGround can improve workforce analytics in your organization, contact us today.