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HighGround Customers on Performance Management

Learn what other companies are saying about their approaches to performance management.

HighGround Customers on Performance Management

In nearly every sector of the business world, one of HR’s longest-standing processes is going through a transformation. Once the singular basis for determining an employee’s value to the organization, the traditional annual performance review has been deemed an ineffective measuring stick for employees and, actually harmful to their development. In its place is a process that looks forward instead of through a rearview mirror. Managers are coaches instead of referees. Pre-de ned employee expectations are replaced with collaborative, flexible goals.

The new performance management strategy hinges on an organization’s values, goals and culture. And because no two companies are exactly alike, this approach to performance management doesn’t look the same at any two organizations. HR leaders and executives must commit to building a process that reflects them. As with most daunting initiatives, it’s helpful to examine those who’ve already gone down the path. For this, we turned to our customers to understand their journeys from backward-looking, annual performance reviews to a process of continuous feedback, conversations and development. Our customers talk about:

  • Why traditional performance management processes are problematic
  • How to establish a philosophy behind a new way of measuring performance
  • The company-specific challenges that had to be addressed
  • Their new focus on coaching, goals and social collaboration
  • The ultimate vision for performance management