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What Famous Quotes Teach Us About the Goal Pursuit Journey

Create a goal-driven culture.

Create a Goal-Driven Culture

Today’s workers are transient — changing companies, roles and industries often. In fact, one LinkedIn report shared that Millennials will change jobs four times in their first decade after college. As businesses struggle to achieve business goals and retain employees, the competitive advantage that a consistent, committed workforce brings to an organization is at risk. Instead of finding new ways to achieve and maintain market leadership, today’s executives need to focus on creating a strong company culture that breeds engaged, collaborative employees.

So, where do you start? An Internet search of inspirational quotes yields literally thousands focused on setting, working toward and achieving goals. The explanation is simple: goals are the starting point for success, whether they are personal, professional, individual, team-based or even those of an entire organization.

This eBook will outline the importance of:

  • Having the right mindset
  • The methodologies and approaches for goal-setting
  • Technology’s role in helping individuals achieve success