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VRI Monitoring Solutions Case Study

VRI has been acting as advocate, partner and supporter for seniors and persons living with disabilities or illnesses for nearly three decades. The company provides a variety of health monitoring solutions for more than 100,000 clients across the U.S. Its core purpose is to extend and improve the quality of life for its clients — who they often refer to as their “parents and grandparents” — allowing them to be safe and live well.

The Challenge

VRI wanted a system in place to properly recognize and reward its most important asset – its employees. To build on its strong corporate culture, the management team also sought a platform that allows more frequent, transparent feedback and open communication, including news sharing. The system needed to appeal to generations spanning from Baby Boomer to Millennial.

The Solution

VRI implemented HighGround to allow employees to provide feedback regularly and to recognize the positive behaviors that should be repeated. The implementation, completed by HR, was straightforward and integrated easily with an internal feedback mechanism that was already in place.

Since one of VRI’s core values is providing “heroic” customer service externally, it wanted to ensure that the same sentiment is extended internally to its own workforce.

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The Results

Statistics prove that the system caught on quickly and it is used frequently. In fact, HighGround’s analytics show that the percentage of active users doubled in just three months. Usability for recognizing active users also doubled in the same three-month time span. The platform allows users to be able to share feedback on how people have actually used specific behaviors to help customers. It uses colorful, dynamic badges that truly reflect its culture – a visual, impactful way to communicate directly between employees and have it resonate effortlessly.