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Transform Your Approach to Performance Management

A new way of work and a new type of employee exist in today’s workplace.

Transform Performance Management

By now, we all know that traditional annual reviews don’t work and as Josh Bersin noted, finding a new process is fast-becoming a top priority for businesses. And it’s possible to transform your approach to performance management and employee development but completely revamping a decades-old practice like the annual review sounds daunting. Organizations worry that new methods won’t be effective, they might be just as time-consuming and perhaps most importantly, they won’t improve employee performance. But it is possible to adopt a new way of performance management that focuses on real-time coaching, agile goal-setting, peer-driven feedback and frequent check-ins between employee and manager.

This whitepaper includes:

A brief background of the traditional performance management tactics

Companies have been using some form of performance management for decades. In previous generations, employees performed the same tasks every day with little or no collaboration with one another.

Why these processes are no longer effective

These traditional processes that force rankings and unrealistic scoring have impacted morale very negatively. Entire organizations – even high-performing managers and employees – have come to dread annual reviews. Research has consistently shown that performance reviews are demotivating and ineffective across the board.

The new approaches emerging in the marketplace

Forrester Research recently reported, “The typical annual or semi-annual cadence of performance reviews is not frequent enough to meet the changing pace of business. Praising accomplishments or suggesting improvements based on activity that occurred months ago is of little value in guiding future performance.”

Upon the conclusion of this paper, you’ll have a firm understanding of how to take the first steps toward change at your own organization.