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The Ultimate Toolkit for Transitioning to Continuous Employee Development

A Step-by-Step Approach to Managing Change and Achieving Success

Toolkit for Moving to Ongoing Development

A lagging approach to performance management is a reality that most companies no longer ignore. Many are actively transitioning to a real-time, continuous approach, but they’re also facing the overwhelming responsibility of restructuring how an entire organization thinks about and executes a new employee development strategy.

HR is the torchbearer for this transformation and leads a change management strategy that will affect a large number of people and processes. If you take a systematic approach, you’ll be better positioned for organization-wide support, adoption and success. This Toolkit will help you address the following issues and give you a framework for initiating the transition to ongoing performance development:

  • Outlining Reasons for Change
  • Understanding Your New Way Forward
  • Identifying Goals and Securing Buy-In
  • Branding and Launching the Program
  • Sustaining Momentum and Gathering Insights

This toolkit also arms you with questions you need to ask your stakeholders (including employees, managers and leadership teams), examples of other companies that have successfully branded and launched their new programs, as well as additional resources for outlining the history and need for performance management transformation. Ongoing performance development is a living, breathing thing that can never be checked off as “complete.” Change management too is a continuous effort. You’ll be better positioned for adoption and success if take a systematic approach to the transition.