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Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard

Leading organizations leverage HighGround’s employee engagement platform to help their managers lead high-performing teams more efficiently. The Team Dashboard is intuitive functionality designed specifically with the manager in mind. As soon as they log in, managers get an overview of each employee’s goals, as well as performance-related communications and recognitions. They can then drill down by employee, including direct reports and their respective direct reports, or engagement mechanism for greater detail.

No matter the size of the team, the Team Dashboard is easy to navigate with options to search or filter results. Employees are listed in numerical order (greatest to least) of outstanding items in the system to help minimize a manager’s time and effort.

As an action-oriented control center, Team Dashboard allows managers to:

  • Monitor employees’ goal progress and better understand who is or isn’t on track.
  • Drill down by employee for a more detailed look at activity and action items.
  • Receive reminders for tasks, including upcoming reviews, goal approvals required, upcoming birthdays/anniversaries or recent check-ins.
  • Recognize positive work and behaviors through messages or badges.
  • Monitor peer-based engagement activities, such as recognitions and requests for feedback from peers.
  • Remind employees to create new goals or review current ones.
  • Send coaching notes to individuals. Send or receive check-in reminders on a scheduled basis.