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Shift Your Employee Survey Approach

Gathering feedback regularly from your workforce is essential. Here’s how to do it right.

Shift Your Employee Survey Approach

No matter the industry or company, employees can expect to participate in company-wide surveys several times during their careers. An employee survey has become one of the annual, de-facto rituals in HR. And soliciting employee feedback via surveys has proven merit.

But today’s traditional employee survey has lost its utility. Despite having a captive audience with an incentive (theoretically) to respond, some companies have reported their survey participation is as low as 30 percent. For those companies with higher participation, the value is still questionable. Why? Many organizations conduct surveys without clearly articulating and understanding their end goals and resulting action planning.

Executing surveys is just one piece of the larger engagement puzzle. For them to be effective, companies must know why they’re measuring employee sentiment in the first place and how the data will be used. Companies can use these insights to structure business decisions that will ideally create a stronger, happier and higher-performing workforce.

In fact, the Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business notes, Front-line employees are in the best position to assess the organization’s actions, problems and proposed solutions.

And soliciting employee feedback via surveys has proven merit. This whitepaper will:

  • Move organizations one step closer to executing employee surveys that can shape change.
  • Outline why employee surveys have become an annual event for HR.
  • Discuss why the process is currently broken.
  • Talk about new workforce trends impacting survey methods.
  • Include what organizations can do to more effectively capture the voices of their employees.