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Recognition and Rewards

Empower real-time, peer-driven recognition and rewards through HighGround.

Recognition and Rewards

Many companies struggle to engage their employees through successful recognition and rewards programs. They lack meaning and fail to resonate with their workforce, or even worse, have never had a program at all. HighGround’s employee engagement platform enables companies to build strong, engaged and motivated cultures through real-time acknowledgement and continuous feedback. This leads to higher retention rates, increased productivity, customer satisfaction and overall better bottom-line results.

  • Encourage daily peer-to-peer and top-down recognition to showcase individual and team accomplishments.
  • Call on managers to amplify recognitions for added encouragement and praise.
  • Identify top performers and create a strategy to further develop their talents.
  • Measure your recognition interaction data with benchmarking and pulse survey results to identify how recognition impacts your engagement scores.

Learn more about HighGround’s social and mobile recognition platform, including specific functionality that will help you build a more energized workforce.