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Infographic: What Makes the Ultimate Dream Job?

What Makes the Ultimate Dream Job?

People looking for a dream job aren’t just looking for something they really love to do from 9 to 5, but for a company they really love too. They want a dream job at the dream company. Whether you’re an employee or employer, we’re here to help you connect the dots.

The good news is, we’re a mostly hopeful bunch—80 percent of Americans believe there’s an ideal job for every person, and that this job will lead to complete career happiness and satisfaction. But before we go any further, let’s get clear about the definition of a “dream job.” While many people think of the literal work being done on a day in and day out basis, there’s another crucial element to the “dream job” equation—the employer. People aren’t just looking to do dream activities for a living, they’re looking to do those activities in an ideal environment, with ideal people. Enter: the dream company.