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LLamasoft Talks Feedback and Recognition in HighGround

How this innovative company approaches employee feedback and recognition.

LLamasoft Talks Feedback & Recognition

LLamasoft is an innovative supply chain software and services company that has a unique perspective on HR: it views humans as more than resources. So when the company decided to implement HighGround’s employee engagement and performance management platform, its leadership team knew it needed to communicate and demonstrate the change clearly. Craig Wigley, LLamasoft’s VP of Employee Success, talks briefly about change management, the importance of employee recognition, what role innovation plays in their company culture and how managers can use HighGround’s tool to help reinforce company values.

Because the company views the goal-setting as an iterative process, it chose HighGround’s flexible and agile platform. Through HighGround, employees can innovate, take chances and live out LLamasoft’s values in their daily work. They’re working toward creating a company culture where employees feel supported even when they fail, and are constantly innovating and improving.