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Leveraging Both Proven and Emerging HR Strategies

Creating a Culture Fit for Modern Employees

Leveraging Proven and Emerging HR Strategies

Many of the factors contributing to a company’s culture are in a state of transition today, including the employees themselves. This makes the already difficult task of creating and maintaining a positive environment where employees can thrive and develop that much harder for HR leaders. Those who are most successful leverage proven HR strategies but apply them in new, modern ways.

This whitepaper, authored by Echo Global Logistics’ CHRO, Cheryl Johnson, outlines the factors affecting today’s workplace including:

  • the impact of Millennials
  • the importance of culture
  • the engagement mistake companies make to be Millennial-friendly
  • a modern approach to a classic HR process
  • focusing on core competencies
  • tying in company values
  • Bringing classic HR practices to life with technology