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Is Your Recognition & Rewards Program Wasting Money?

Chances are good you’re spending too much money on your Recognition & Rewards program.

Is Your Recognition Program Wasting Money?

We all know engaged employees are critical to your organizational culture, customer satisfaction and bottom line. Developing a meaningful and cost-effective recognition and rewards program is an important contributing factor to employee engagement, but unfortunately, traditional approaches have not kept pace with employees’ needs and hidden costs that stress your budget have become the new normal. When you add in stale technology and heavy administrative burden for HR, the problem becomes worse.

If you are evaluating your existing program or considering making an investment for a new program, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What is the goal of this program?
  • Are we aligning program goals with our company’s mission and values?
  • Does it appeal to the entire organization?
  • Does it allow for recognition in real-time or are layers of approval required? Do we leverage the power of social amplification?
  • What is our reward budget?
  • How do non-monetary/experiential rewards t into our plan?
  • Are we only rewarding tenure – and not living our values? Is it mobile-friendly? Should we encourage recognitions from our customers?

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