Intermedix Case Study | How to build corporate culture with HighGround

Intermedix Uses HighGround to Build Company Culture

Intermedix delivers technology-enabled services and software solutions to healthcare providers, government agencies and corporations across numerous industries. Established in 2002, Intermedix has grown through more than 20 acquisitions and now has nearly 3,000 employees around the globe, including the U.S., U.K., New Zealand and Lithuania.

The Challenge

While substantial growth brought excitement, it also challenged the company to integrate many subcultures into one, strong universal brand and culture. With employees spread out geographically, it was difficult to openly recognize and communicate with others.

The Solution

Intermedix turned to HighGround to help create a culture that includes:

  • Offering respect and recognition of each other
  • Bringing bright ideas forward
  • Challenging current processes to invoke improvement
  • Exploring new ways to collaborate
  • Developing innovative products and services

“You can actually take the recognition that you’re getting throughout the course of the year and apply it to the performance management process.”

– John Hovnanian, VP of Intermedix Human Resources

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The Results

Intermedix has garnered excellent results by tying recognition into performance development; recognizing valued employees; and encouraging platform adoption.

  • Frequent peer-to-peer recognition has created a much stronger dialogue between employees and their managers.
  • Remote employees interact more with management and co-workers.
  • Both top revenue-producing performers and others deserving recognition are honored.