Performance Management Datasheet - HighGround

Performance Management Datasheet

Transform the way you develop your workforce.

Performance Management

HighGround’s performance management platform addresses these challenges by putting your most important asset – your employees – at the forefront and turns annual performance reviews into real-time, meaningful coaching and feedback discussions. We help your company refine review processes and maximize results. These timely, topic-specific and future-focused conversations help your workers recognize personal strengths and take charge of their career development while enhancing the company’s culture.

How does HighGround improve performance management?

The application lets your workforce:

  • Set and track individual and team goals, objectives and key results (OKRs) quarterly that are aligned with company goals.
  • Make goals transparent across the organization.
  • Deliver and receive requested continuous feedback.
  • Set frequent check-ins between the manager and the employee and quickly document important parts of those conversations.

Using HighGround’s easy to use, social and mobile recognition platform, you can:

  • Generate transparency across the organization
  • Ensure performance management consistency for all employees and managers
  • Save time and effort with the automated, Web-based process and innovative features, including mobile functionality
  • Increase visibility into positive performance and improve poor performance
  • Deliver more personalized reviews to build better relationships
  • Provide frequent feedback in a virtual environment
  • Collaborate with other teams, departments and geographic locations to support a stronger company culture
  • Track progress often and leverage reports to identify high-performing individuals