Improve Your Workforce with Goal Setting - HighGround

Improve Your Workforce with Goal Setting from HighGround

Empower employees to drive their own performance development through HighGround Goals

HighGround Goals

Traditional workplace goal-setting was largely reserved for sales teams as a target and measurement for success. While other departments may have encouraged goals as part of its annual review process, they were rarely as disciplined in their implementation and management of them. However, leading organizations now recognize the many benefits of goal-setting and have adopted it across all departments as a central pillar for employee development.

Motivating employees to strive for peak performance through accountability, strategic planning and prioritizing


As companies move away from traditional performance markers like forced rankings, they are adopting new agile processes rooted in collaboration and enabled by technology. HighGround’s goals platform offers goal-setting functionality to:

  • Standardize the way performance is measured
  • Unite employees by focusing on larger, common goals
  • Motivate employees to stretch themselves to reach their full potential
  • Increase the likelihood of success through accountability
  • Create a foundation for coaching and collaboration
  • Align departmental and individual goals with company objectives


Universal support: Our platform enables organizations to use multiple goal methodologies, including OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) and more. We can universally support the way your employees set and track goals.

Flexible usability and management: Via a mobile device, tablet or computer, goal cycles can be set and scheduled for individuals, departments or the entire organization with automatic notifications to remind managers and employees.

Company-wide collaboration: Employees, peers and managers can communicate within each goal adding comments about progress, challenges or achievements. Each goal can also be weighted to establish prioritization.