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Do you have a way for employees to solicit and give real-time feedback?

HighGround Feedback empowers multidirectional, interdepartmental feedback.

HighGround Feedback

HighGround’s feedback platform allows managers and employees alike to solicit individual or group feedback in real-time. We incorporated great flexibility into our solution by offering several different methods to deliver it.

Feedback can be requested at key times throughout the year, such as after a project or event, to ensure timeliness and accuracy. Regular, multi-directional feedback enhances coaching and encourages ongoing employee development across the organization.

Different types of feedback enabled by the HighGround application include:

  • Group feedback on individuals
  • Project retrospectives
  • 1-to-1
  • Self-assessments
  • Group feedback on a department or team
  • Performance, potential and mobility planning
  • Direct report