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Performance Management

Track Goal Progress and Update Milestones with HighGround Check-in

Make performance management more agile through frequent check-ins

HighGround Check-In

HighGround Check-In is a simple approach to more meaningful and continuous conversations between managers and their team members. We recognize that in order to achieve optimal performance results, employees need frequent conversations and continuous interaction with their managers and peers.

HighGround’s agile performance management and employee engagement platform includes Check-In functionality, a way for managers and employees to have ongoing conversations, track goal progress and update milestones. It empowers employees to take responsibility for their development by putting ownership into their hands. And for companies that still want to conduct annual reviews, Check-In facilitates a more accurate and complete
performance-related dialogue with all interactions and conversations archived directly in the application.

Check-In lets employees evaluate progress against their goals in real-time and solicit manager feedback. Managers can send an unlimited amount of questions with either rating scales, open text, multiple choice or radio button response options. Through Check-In, employees can proactively evaluate the requested information, such as goals, achievements, development and future ambitions. Because conversations are driven by the employee – not the manager – it’s more likely the employee will strive toward completing their goals, perform better and ultimately, be more engaged.