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Happy Employees, Happier Customers

How engaged employees amplify a strong customer experience.

Happy Employees, Happier Customers

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Today many business leaders are relating this age-old conundrum to the relationship between their employees and customers. Is your business employee-first or customer-first? Is it possible to have happy employees with unhappy customers, and vice versa? No. But while you can’t have one without the other, choosing which to put first is tricky. Does it matter? Yes. It’s not a tradeoff and they do have a causal relationship. Here’s why.

We Live in an Era of Transparency.

Company review sites like Glassdoor, with over 25 million unique visitors a month, along with LinkedIn and other business networking sites, give prospective candidates unfiltered access to information and a way to communicate directly with current employees. Similarly, customers can easily access information on companies and products online, through research firms and even via free trials. Organizations have few secrets anymore, whether inside company doors or product user interfaces.

Nothing is Permanent.

As many as 40% of workers today are doing so on a temporary or contract basis, and even if they are classified as employees, tenures are dropping drastically. Average employee tenure is under five years, with Millennials’ tenures falling under two. For customers, today more than ever there are seemingly endless choices. Technology has rapidly changed the world for both businesses and consumers, allowing for trends to go as quickly as they come.

Today’s Currency is Relationships.

We live in a so-called relationship economy. The most successful companies don’t just build products or provide services, they solve the problems of their buyer, whether it’s a big business or a consumer on the street. To find out those problems, they need to build personal relationships with their users. Likewise, companies must build meaningful relationships with their employees to understand their needs and how to meet them.

In this eBook, we’ll share how employee engagement affects the customer experience, backed by insights from the industry’s leading experts on both employee and customer engagement as well as real-world examples. We will also talk about why each of your employees, managers and executives should have a stake in your employee engagement strategy.