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Four Ways to Jumpstart Your Professional Growth

A guide for employees who need help setting and achieving goals.

Four Ways to Jumpstart Your Professional Growth

We spend 30% of our lives at work – one-third of our human existence. For some, it’s a financial necessity. And for others who have found a way to combine what they do with what they love, it’s a passion. Many factors affect employment happiness. A work/life balance. How you’re valued and compensated. The people you work for and with. While some of these are out of our control, it is possible to take an active role in creating your own professional growth and future.

Not every employee inherently knows what it takes to push themselves. Not every manager has the skills to coach employees through this process. And HR doesn’t has the resources to ensure that its entire workforce is pushing itself to constantly improve.

This guide can be shared with your workforce — whether it’s employees, managers or even your leadership team — to help them create challenging yet attainable goals that will truly drive their careers forward.

Here are four ways employees can make the most of their time at work:

  • Embrace a Growth Mindset
  • Start the Conversation
  • Expand Your Feedback Circle
  • Put Your Goals to Work