Feedback is not the Enemy | A Must-Read HighGround ebook

Feedback is Not the Enemy

How to Facilitate More Meaningful Feedback Conversations

Feedback is Not the Enemy

Is there a chemical reason why we tend to remember bad experiences over the good ones? The short answer is yes. The brain uses approximately two-thirds of its neurons to detect negative experiences, which are then quickly stored into our long-term memory. In contrast, we must consciously have a positive experience more than 12 seconds in order for it to transfer from our short-term to long-term memory.

Given this research, it’s no wonder employee feedback has done little to motivate employees or improve performance. First, our brains are hard-wired to seek out and emphasize bad experiences. Second, traditional employee development practices often do nothing but encourage this negativity.

This eBook outlines:

  • four things necessary for an organization to embrace a feedback culture and peer-to-peer feedback,
  • defining the feedback that will work best for your workforce and
  • putting it into practice.

Upon the conclusion of this eBook, you’ll be better equipped to create a feedback-rich environment where your entire workforce is performing its best.