Transition to Continuous Performance Management | HighGround Webinar
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Fail-Proof Your Transition to Continuous Performance Management

Fail-Proof Your Transition

CHROs and Talent Management leaders everywhere are talking about how to reinvent performance management processes in order to greatly improve the quality of conversations between managers and their employees and drive better business outcomes.

Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO, Leapgen will lead a discussion with HR leaders Andrew Bartlow, VP of HR and Meredith Silipo, Senior HR Generalist, of Waypoint Homes about Waypoint’s transformative journey from an annual performance review cycle to one of continuous feedback and engagement.

During the interactive chat, Jason, Andrew and Meredith will cover the following topics:

  • Tools and conversation tips to secure executive buy-in and support
  • How to enable managers to have constructive conversations
  • How to drive adoption and encourage addiction to the new approach
  • New data and insights opportunities and how managers can benefit
  • How can continuous performance impact company culture

To learn more about getting executive buy-in for an ongoing approach to engagement and performance, download HighGround’s eBook, “Securing C-Suite Buy-In for an Employee Engagement Platform.