Removing Ratings and Rankings: The Expert's Guide from HighGround

The Expert's Guide to Removing Ratings & Rankings

The Expert's Guide to Removing Rankings

ratings and rankingsThe need to eliminate annual ratings and rankings has been the recurring refrain from experts and other industry pundits for a few years now. Strong language such as “kill the performance review” is used so frequently that it’s undeniable how ineffective and dreaded the process has become. However, their removal doesn’t necessarily make the organization perform better unless the void is filled with something more beneficial for employees. If your organization is adopting a real-time approach to performance management and eliminating employee ratings, you might be struggling to sort out the downstream decisions that stacked rankings previously determined.

Many organizations still use ratings and rankings but augment the process through:

Whether you choose to eliminate rankings or not, this eBook includes questions designed to take your organization through the journey of repositioning and redefining your performance management framework and give some useful ideas when it comes to implementing change.

With these questions addressed, compensation and workforce planning are clearer and you’re better poised to embrace an ongoing,real-time approach to performance and engagement.