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Executive Summary

Transform Employee Performance For Continuous Engagement

Get the summary of the Forrester Research Inc. report.

Transform Employee Performance

Forrester Research Inc.’s report, Transform Employee Performance for Continuous Engagement, examines why traditional employee performance processes are under scrutiny by large and small companies alike. According to the report, “Employee performance will be transformed to deliver results using continuous methods and advanced technologies.” The report examines the shortcomings of conventional employee performance management and the new methodologies and the associated emerging technologies being leveraged.

Our executive summary outlines key learnings including:

  • Traditional performance reviews lack positive business results
  • Companies should leverage new performance models to improve employee growth, company culture and business goals
  • Use technology to reinvent performance management

To learn more about Forrester’s research on employee engagement, click here to listen to It’s Time to Rethink Your Employee Engagement Strategy featuring Analyst Claire Schooley.