Chris Mason of Patagonia Discusses User Adoption, Integrations and Better Employee Performance | HighGround

Chris Mason of Patagonia Discusses User Adoption, Integrations and Better Employee Performance

The company’s Compass program has helped employees continually improve through goal-setting and peer-to-peer feedback.

Chris Mason of Patagonia Discusses Compass

Chris Mason, Head of Talent Management, L&D, Compensation, & Workforce Analytics at Patagonia, sat down to discuss Compass, the company’s performance-focused program, powered by the HighGround platform. He discusses Patagonia’s regenerative approach to employee performance and how employee-driven goal setting, check-ins and peer-to-peer feedback are facilitated through the platform.

In this interview, Chris also talks about integrations and single-sign-ons in the HighGround application, leading to a seamless experience for employees. According to a recent employee survey at Patagonia, 80% of the users prefer the new Compass program to the old approach. And the 20% who preferred old methodologies simply had not logged into the platform. Chris said employees who use the tool report higher quality feedback and better understand expectations. Managers using the platform report increased bandwidth for additional work.

Because Patagonia has a variety of user populations within its workforce, the type of platform adoption is also varied. Different functional areas, locations, groups and generations use Compass differently. For example, warehouse workers might use the mobile application more frequently than desk workers, who might chose to login on their laptops. Chris said they’ve allowed each population to adapt their approach based on the timing and circumstances that work best for them.

While encouraging user adoption was their initial goal, moving forward Chris and his team are focused on making a more quality, engaged experience for all Compass users. On top of that, Patagonia wants to use data from the platform to drive more informed performance-related decisions. They’re already using the platform throughout the year so Chris and team are now laser-focused on improving the quality and frequency of those conversations.