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A How-To for Transformation to Agile Performance Management

What you can learn from Adobe, Gap, Goldman Sachs and Patagonia about performance and development.

How Other Companies Have Made the Switch

It’s likely fair to say that the processes that facilitate employee performance and development are perhaps the most troubling for HR executives. Why? These processes are meant to bring out the best in your employees and serve as a strong component of your company culture. The problem here is that those employees are living, breathing people that are changing every day. With new hires and departures, your workforce as a whole is changing every day. And the business environment your organization operates within is changing every day.

There’s nothing static about your employees, so why are the processes by which you manage and develop them?

In this eBook, we’ll draw upon the learnings from four organizations that are at various stages of their own transformations: Adobe, Gap, Goldman Sachs and Patagonia. We’ll examine: ­

  • when and why traditional review strategies were implemented ­
  • traditional processes in action and their challenges ­
  • why and how companies changed their processes and created a stronger, engaged workforce