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Workplace Engagement Decoded - On-Demand Recording

Optimizing the Employee and Manager Experience for Today's World of Work

CHROs and Talent Management leaders across the globe are feverishly reimagining new solutions to support more flexible and user-friendly performance management programs. Meanwhile, there is a groundswell from the front lines where managers and employees alike are affecting change in the frequency and quality of performance conversations. 2017 is the year for HR to rethink Performance Management and the time is now. Join this webinar to get tangible, deployable ideas that you can use immediately in your workplace.

Andee Harris, Chief Engagement Officer, HighGround and Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO, LeapGen, and Laura Seamans, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at ACT to discuss:

  • Results from a recent HighGround survey of over 525 managers and employees to understand their perspectives of what is working and what needs improvement and most importantly, WHY
  • How consumer and workplace trends are not only reshaping the role of HR, they are remaking the role of managers and leaders
  • Why the manager/employee relationship is where engagement is truly built and strengthened.
  • Transformation stories from leading HR organizations with an emphasis on how they are evolving the conversations between managers and employees, and creating the future of work today.