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Webinar Recap, Part 2: Program Impacts and Keeping it Fresh

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Today’s post is the second in a two-part series recapping a recent webinar we hosted called, “Managing an Impactful Recognition Program.” It featured Minna Pomeroy of MGP Human Resources as the moderator, along with HighGround customers Cheryl Johnson of Echo Global Logistics, Kimberly Witt of VRI Monitoring Care and Janine Bradbury of Pomeroy IT Solutions.

In the first post, we talked about Cheryl, Kim and Janine’s business challenges and the roadblocks they faced before implementing HighGround. Today we’ll talk about the impact of the platform and how they keep their engagement programs fresh.

What was the impact of the program?

For VRI, HighGround amplified the values that were already intrinsic in its employees. Kimberly said VRI’s efforts to create authentic badges in the HighGround platform immediately resonated with employees. She stressed that the any recognition program needs to be consistent both on-and-offline.

VRI created a “high five” badge in the system to recognize remarkable work. Their CEO also has giant set of signed foam hands that mimics the “high five” badge that he presents to high-performing employees during company meetings. So whether it’s online or offline, the same values and visuals are consistent no matter how someone is being recognized.

Because Pomeroy’s engagement program is newer, Janine said they’re focused on educating employees on their “2-2-1” goal. (Double profit, double managed services and be the number one partner for clients.) Through HighGround, Pomeroy hopes to define and reinforce the 2-2-1 value since many managers and employees so it becomes part of employees’ everyday work.

For Echo, its engagement program needs to be a healthy balance between employees logging into the platform and actually doing their work. HighGround is the platform through which they can be more effective at their jobs and at the same time, become familiar with Echo’s company-wide values. Cheryl also said they spent time with individual departments to help better define achievement since besides the sales organization, not many other teams had distinct accomplishment markers.

How do you keep your engagement program fresh?

Kimberly said the VRI engagement program is energized through its increasing inclusion in other HR efforts. HighGround is part of employee and offboarding materials. And again, visual triggers are key to continuous value. VRI uses the same concepts, visuals, words and depictions in mid-year performance check-ins.

At Pomeroy, constant communication is the key driver for maintaining a robust engagement program. Janine and her team are working on a communication campaign to encourage managers – a group that’s been slower to use the platform – to login to HighGround.

Cheryl’s team created a game similar to the McDonald’s Monopoly board game to connect HighGround to offline activities. Employees could earn stickers that incorporated the same design as recognition badges in the platform. Winners were announced in company meetings so Echo’s entire engagement strategy tied together online and offline initiatives.

We learned so much from our three panelists during the webinar and they shared more during the second part of the webinar series. Check out the recap here.

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