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Skip the Stocks, Invest in Employees

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So much is said about recruiting the right talent as the key to business success. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology to help them find, vet and assess candidates. They promote their employer brand and offer a range of perks and bonuses, all to bring the best people through the door to sign on the dotted line.

But, then what?

Regardless of how amazing that new hire is, you need to ensure they are able to do their best in your office environment. That means helping them understand the culture, aligning their goals to the department and company goals, and coaching them to help them grow beyond their job descriptions.

All of these things are part of any good employee engagement program, which is the vehicle through which companies invest in their employees.

In a new video, Virtuoso’s HR leaders talk about their own investment in their employees. For them, this came in the form of a new, modern process that allowed them to put employees and their performance first.

Another company that takes an employee-first philosophy is Walmart. Training employees can be a bit like telephone. After the second, third or even 10th employee trains the newest recruit, the method and even what is communicated can change drastically. Walmart announced a $1.7 billion investment in their employees, which includes a comprehensive academy training program.

According to a Supermarket News article, “A panel of recent Walmart academy graduates testified that the program was helping them and their co-workers to find more meaning and direction in their careers, in part because it demonstrated that supervisors were vested in their work.”

On top of that, Walmart’s investment in its employees doesn’t just mean happier ones, it means happier customers as well. Check out our eBook for more on that.

Finding all-star new recruits is a great starting point. But if companies don’t find ways to nurture those employees and help them realize new heights, they’re missing an opportunity to be great employers.

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