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[OLD] Recognition & Rewards: The Build Vs. Buy Debate


Almost every organization has some sort of employee recognition and rewards program in place –each with a different strategy. Whether managers dole out monetary rewards on a quarterly basis, the leadership team publicly recognizes exceptional employees during an annual outing or employees receive points toward redeeming a tenure-based award, there’s no shortage of approaches. However, only 11% of organizations believe that recognition is deeply embedded in their culture.

However, only 11% of organizations believe that recognition is deeply embedded in their culture.

This is because recognition is no longer simply a celebration of tenure or loyalty, it’s performance driven. Employees are not in silos, but want to support each other with public praise. No matter HR’s strategy to address new challenges in recognition, there’s one thing all companies need in order to achieve an effective level of visibility, efficiency and cost control: a technology platform to support it.

Oftentimes, during discussions about recognition and rewards technology, someone asks, “Can’t we just build this ourselves?” While it may be tempting to forgo the immediate cost of purchasing a technology solution, in the long run, the price of constructing and maintaining an in-house system is vastly more expensive.

This blog series will explore some things to consider before deciding to build an internal recognition platform:

  • The Complexity of your Organization
  • Technology costs: In-house vs. a solution provider
  • Keeping Your Technology Up-To-Date

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share insights into finding an approach that works best for your company.

Sally Scannell is a Sales Solution Engineer at HighGround, working with customers to establish key performance indicators and helping them achieve program goals. She contributes information both internally and externally by keeping abreast of industry news, research and studies. Sally serves as a trusted advisor to HighGround customers, helping them envision and drive continuous improvement in their employee engagement programs.

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