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Performance Management in HighGround Customers’ Own Words

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The cornerstone of modern performance management is collaborative goal-setting, continuous coaching and ongoing feedback and frequent check-ins. The shape that these processes take, once implemented, is slightly different at every organization, depending on its unique culture, strategy and business needs.

Because of this, designing your company’s individual performance management strategy can be daunting. It’s important to ask yourself questions to fully understand what’s most important to your organization.

Why are annual performance reviews are disappearing?

Examine the reasons behind why traditional processes don’t work. Understanding their faults can help you recognize your current program’s shortcomings, and design a new approach to overcome them.

Why are performance reviews important?

Start from the top. How do you want your business philosophy reflected in your processes? What part of your culture can you incorporate to make it feel authentic to your unique organization? Once those are established, think about how those ideals can trickle down to every part (and every employee) in your organization.

Why should performance monitoring and evaluation be a continuous process?

We all know that today’s best practice is to make performance reviews happen more often, even in real time. Thinking through why this makes sense for your organization specifically will help you educate your managers on the importance of driving this frequent communication with their employees.

How can we improve our employee performance?

Why do we have performance reviews in the first place? Obviously, it’s to understand the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of employees, but more importantly, the goal of these interactions is to ultimately make your workforce better. What processes can you incorporate to achieve this?

What’s even better? Seeing how others who have successfully transformed their processes answered those same questions. In this roundup, In Their Words: HighGround Customers Tackle Performance Management, five HR leaders share their thought process behind designing their processes, the practical side of implementing it and how it’s helped their companies re-imagine their goals for employee engagement.

Find out how HighGround can help modernize your performance management.

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