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Attract Future Employees with Updated Engagement Programs

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ManpowerGroup Solutions recently conducted research on global candidate preferences, giving employers insights into best practices for recruiting and retaining talent. The second paper of the series, called Brand Detectives: The New Generation of Global Candidates, was released last week and highlights the importance of your company’s brand.

As it turns out, half of job seekers find an employer’s reputation is more important today than five years ago.

The reasons aren’t surprising. According to the findings, today’s “Google generation” can find out more than you ever thought possible about your organization with a click of a button. The report also found that with other things being equal – pay, opportunity, perks and more – culture sets a company apart.

Are you struggling to find and retain workers in certain departments or even across your company as a whole? You may find clues by doing some competitive intel via social media and employer review sites. You can see how your organization stacks up against others in your geography and industry.

Your company’s employee engagement practices set the tone for your culture – and annual reviews, surveys and service awards no longer cut it.

On board but unsure of how to present your case to the C-Suite? Here you go. Your future employees will thank you.

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