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News You Might Have Missed – November 22

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

How Technology Empowers Your Talent Management Strategy

Our own CEO was interviewed for this Forbes article on the role of technology in evolving HR today. Vip shared how employees expect enterprise technology to function similarly to the consumer apps they’re used to, and the role of social media in their desire for feedback in real time.

7 Ways to Shape the Culture of Your Company

This article builds upon a previous one, covering how to keep your culture moving in the right direction. It lists seven ways HR executives can do that, though none of these can simply “be checked off the list” – they must be continuous and reinforced.

How to Coach Confidence In People Who Are Feeling Defeated

This article shares lessons from a career coach on how to pull your employees out of a confidence slump. By following these suggestions, managers can help employees get back on the right track.

Why Employee Engagement Programs Backfire and What You Can Do About It

The first step in designing an employee engagement program is to listen to your employees. Read on for more about the role of training and development in helping engage your team.

How to Preserve Company Culture Amid M&A, IPO

Did you know that the failure rate of corporate mergers is somewhere between 70 and 90 percent? The biggest culprit can be an inability to successfully blend cultures. This article has eight tips for maintaining culture during M&A activity and four tips for doing so during an IPO activity and includes some insights from our Chief Engagement Officer, Andee Harris.

How a Story Can Make or Break Your Company Culture

Ever heard of a chief storyteller? United Airlines has one. Learn why employees are your company’s best narrators of your culture, and how to change their tune if their take on your company isn’t so great.

The Employee Development Honor Roll: Hitachi Data Systems

We wrapped up our blog series last week with an interview with two HR executives from Hitachi Data Systems. Learn about what led to their transformation and what strategies are most important to them.

How to Meet Challenges When Deploying New HR Technology

A director at Mercer unveiled the biggest challenges to HR technology implementation. Considering that 70% of software implementations are considered failures, read on to learn how to avoid the common missteps.

Our Assumptions About Old and Young Workers Are Wrong

This article shares findings from a recent survey meant to get to the bottom of stereotypes in the workforce. Let’s start with two easy ones: the young invest most in new skills and the old are keen to slow down. Both are wrong! This HBR piece is a great read.

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