News You Might Have Missed - April 18


News You Might Have Missed – April 18

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

4 Tips to Help You Wait for a Promotion or Raise

A promised promotion or raise can take time to go into effect. Our CEO, Vip Sandhir, suggests embracing the ambiguity and preparing for the role while staying engaged in your current one.

This 1 Word Will Instantly Make You More Successful and Productive

Don’t be afraid to say “no.” It can help you shift your behavior, become a better leader and be more productive.

Unveiling the HighGround Performance Management Data Study

Performance conversations are different for everyone. We recently conducted a survey with more than 1,000 responses to find out what managers and employees want from these discussions. Here’s what we learned.

With No Power Comes No Responsibility: How A Broken Corporate Culture Disempowers Employees

These four things will empower employees and move your company in the right direction when your culture is broken.

How to Turn Your Most Demanding Employee Into a Top Performer

“You can’t be great unless you think you’re great.” Vip Sandhir shares how to turn your most demanding employee into a powerful asset.

HCI Webinar Recap: Performance Management Overhauls Are Constant Works in Progress

What do DNA and peanut butter have to do with performance management?

15 Sentences Your Interviewer Doesn’t Want to Hear

When asked what one thing he doesn’t want to hear from an interviewee, our CEO Vip Sandhir said, “Don’t complain about your current position or employer.”

Support Women in Owning Who They Are

Chief Engagement Officer Andee Harris shares how organizations should empower women to embrace being themselves at work.

8 Practical Ways to Make Your Tech Job Less Stressful

Stress can kill your productivity. Our Chief Customer and Technology Officer, Anjoo Rai-Marchant shares her top tip for avoiding work burnout: build short sprints for large projects.

Does Your Company Culture Match Your Brand?

Your company’s culture defines who you are and the type of talent you attract. Ensure your culture is as strong as you advertise with these four steps.

40 Best Companies in Financial Services

Congrats to HighGround customers Allianz and Pure Insurance for making Fortune’s 40 Best Companies in Financial Services and showing how to positively focus on employee relationships.

Analyze THIS: What HR Experts Shared in March

We love seeing what HR experts are sharing online, which is why we’ve started a new blog series showcasing the wit and insight of top influencers and analysts. This month, three experts have shone the light on leadership in sports.

How Important is Culture Fit for Employee Retention?

Employee turnover can be costly. Hire based on culture and values to increase retention.

Equal Pay Day is a Reminder of the Importance of Negotiating a Salary

Today is Equal Pay Day and our Chief Engagement Officer, Andee Harris, spoke with the Chicago Tribune about why women shouldn’t back away from salary negotiations.

How to Empower Employees to Build Company Culture

Empower your employees by giving them a say in building the company culture.

Find out how HighGround can help modernize your performance management.

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