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News You Might Have Missed – December 1

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Check out a few of the news stories that caught our eye this month. Stay tuned every month as we give you a rundown of the stories you might have missed.

Employees Only Meet Expectations When They Know What’s Expected

Entrepreneur provides four tips for keeping employees motivated toward their workplace goals. Not surprisingly, consistent feedback and agile goal-setting help employees better understand expectations for their role.

U.S. Employee Engagement Unchanged in November

Each month Gallup conducts a survey to determine employee engagement. In November, the research firm reported that the percentage of U.S. workers it considered engaged in their jobs is 32.1%. Gallup considers workers engaged based on key workplace elements such as professional opportunities, development and having their voices heard.

Workplace Buzzwords that Will be Obsolete in 10 Years

Number three on this list caught our eye. We’ll give you a hint – the “new normal” for performance management will not rely on annual processes. Instead, employees and managers will check in with one another much more regularly.

The 6 Things that Great Leaders Do

A common trait among great leaders is a commitment to developing engaging leaders. This article advises that, “Instead of just measuring engagement, focus on building leaders who can better engage with their colleagues – particularly in the light of changing employee expectations.”

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