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HR Industry News – September 27

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

10 Must-Dos at HR Tech Chicago

We are excited to welcome hundreds of HR leaders, practitioners and partners to our hometown for HR Tech next week. Check out our advice for what to do in and out of the conference hall.

Why Isn’t Your Employee Engagement Strategy Working?

On paper, your engagement strategy is bulletproof. So how come it’s not working? Learn about some of the challenges that could be derailing your strategy, and how you can fix them.

6 Tips for Managing a Global Workforce

In today’s technology-driven world employees are spread out across the globe, from corporate offices to home offices. This CIO article shares tips for keeping your geographically scattered workforce connected to the company, their jobs and each other.

Four Tips for Tough Conversations With Your Employees

HighGround CEO Vip Sandhir chimes in to this article about how setting expectations can keep difficult conversations between managers and employees professional and productive.

“People are Naturally Lazy” and Other Myths about Employee Engagement

This author covers how HR leaders can help employees experience what every human being needs to thrive: the three psychological needs for autonomy, relatedness and competence.

Doing Employee Survey Questions the Right Way

This infographic gives us some food for thought when it comes to writing survey questions. Learn about the pitfalls to avoid and the best way to garner thoughtful employee responses.

As HR Transforms, It’s Becoming a Cool Career Choice

That’s right, HR is cool! Learn about what “HR done right” looks like, from having a broader mission to partnering across the organization to drive happy employees and big results.

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