News You Might Have Missed - October 12


HR Industry News – October 12

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

Employer Branding is the Perfect Marriage Between HR and Marketing

This article answers the question, “What’s the difference between employee engagement and employer brand?” Find out that answer, as well as why employee branding blends HR and Marketing.

This Is Why Talent Hoarding Is Pushing Your Best Away [Infographic]

This article shares why it’s dangerous to keep your best employees in their current roles. In fact, 93% of employees leave companies to change roles. Learn about that and other stats from RolePoint in this infographic.

The 1 Trait All Incredible Leaders Have In Common

Think you know the #1 trait of the best leaders? Whether it’s in business, religion, friendship, or anything else, leaders share this one characteristic. Find out what it is in this short video by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.

Four Signs It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Company Values

While some companies might think establishing company values are a waste of time, they serve as an important basis to your employee engagement strategy. In this blog post, Catherine Cummings shares the four most important times to re-think your values, and why.

These Companies Run Mentorship Programs That Actually Work

Research shows a strong correlation between mentorship programs and engaged, happy women in the workforce. This article spotlights two companies that are getting it right.

Who Is The Next Great HR Tech Company?

HighGround was one of eight technology companies highlighted at last week’s HR Tech Conference. This Forbes articles features an interview with CEO Vip Sandhir, who shares what’s unique about the relationship between HR and technology companies.

Find out how HighGround can help modernize your performance management.

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