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News You Might Have Missed – May 2

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well and HR industry news you might have missed.

This Googler Explains How To Design Your Time Rather Than Manage It

Your to-do list can become overwhelming so breaking your day into these four quadrants helps boost productivity. We weren’t surprised to see “people development” as one of the most important things you can do each day.

Employee Recognition: Incorporating Feedback Into the Daily Grind

Does it surprise you that 77% of employees said they would work harder if they were recognized at work? To make your workforce feel more appreciated, here are some ways to incorporate feedback and recognition into your daily routine.

Executive Summary: Transform Employee Performance for Continuous Engagement

Need a quick primer on Forrester’s latest research on performance management and employee engagement? We’ve put together this executive summary to give you an overview of the key trends and topics discussed in the report.

[Slideshow] The Power of Praise on Employee Happiness

Failing to recognize employees means they’re three times more likely to leave in the next year. Watch this slideshow to see the power of praise.

9 Sneaky Ways to Figure Out a Company’s Culture

If you’ve interviewed for a job, you’ve probably asked about company culture. But how can you get an honest answer? These are nine questions to covertly find out more about what it’s REALLY like to work somewhere.

Why Transparency Matters: Strahan vs. Ripa

The Michael Strahan/Kelly Ripa drama has gotten messy for ABC. A lack of communication and transparency has played out very publicly for the network. Here’s how companies can avoid the same mistakes.

Which Countries Have the Boldest Business Leaders?

The most daring leaders have seven common traits. Goal-setting and continuous improvement are among them. What are the rest?

[Video] How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings

Research has proven that numerical rankings in the workplace lead to high levels of frustration, less willingness to take risks and colleagues working against each other. Watch this video to see how the brain reacts to performance rankings.

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