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News You Might Have Missed – June 13


Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

Are Your Employees Less Engaged During the Summer?

With summer kicking off, companies are preparing for a seasonal slump. Here’s how you can upkeep employee engagement during the summer months.

Three Ways Big Firms Can Compete with Startups For Top Tech Talent

As large organizations go head-to-head with startups in the war for tech talent, emphasizing career development and goal-setting can offer the best competitive edge.

Happy Employees, Happier Customers

Research from the Aberdeen Group finds that 75% of companies with high customer experience scores have highly engaged employees. Check out our latest eBook to learn more about the connection between happy customers and happy staff.

Allen & Overy Drops Performance Reviews and Everyone Cheers (Especially Women)

This global law firm swapped annual performance reviews for continuous feedback – and have plenty of satisfied employees to show for it, particularly female associates.

How To Manage a Needy Employee

Our CEO Vip Sandhir tells Harvard Business Review why establishing a feedback culture is key to effectively managing needy employees.

Here’s How Good Managers Give Bad Employees Feedback

Bad employees need feedback and the best managers know how to do it in a constructive way.

Is it Time for Employee to be King?

If your employees are happy, your customers will be too. Employee engagement and customer experience are more connected than you might think.

How to Give Constructive Feedback To Your Boss Without Getting Fired

This fighter pilot has some advice for people who might be hesitant to give constructive feedback to leaders: Don’t be.

Do You REALLY Know What Your Employees Think About Your Company?

You don’t have to wait for annual survey results to understand how your employees feel about working for you. Learn more about getting a pulse on your workforce before it’s too late.

How Corporate Values Get Hijacked and Misused

Companies that establish corporate values but do nothing to instill them in every employee, process and decision are doing themselves a disservice. Here’s when corporate values can actually backfire.

The Sharp Drop-Off in Worker Happiness and What You Can Do About It

Research shows that half of American workers hate their jobs. As a leader in your organization, you can actually increase worker happiness before it’s too late. Learn how.

Waypoint Homes CEO and COO Talk About Company Culture, Feedback & Recognition

This CEO and COO knew building a strong company culture wasn’t just up to HR. Watch more about how the C-suite at one company has embraced a feedback and recognition-driven culture.

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