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HR Industry News You Might Have Missed – June 13

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well and HR industry news you might have missed.

Intermedix Uses HighGround to Build Culture

When this organization acquired more than 20 companies over the years, it also inherited 20 more company cultures. How did it integrate these unique subcultures into one, cohesive, high-performing brand?

Employee Recognition 101: Celebrating Things That Really Matter

Disney understands that acknowledging employees for embodying important cultural values is just as important as recognizing all other business criteria or outcomes. Here are two women who have been demonstrating Disney values for 50 years.

Now is the Time to Fix Your Engagement Programs – Your Future Employees Are Watching

Companies worry about engaging their current workforce but they might need to consider their future employees as well. Employer brand is now more important than ever to today’s job seekers.

HighGround Modernizes Goal Management with Enhanced Solution to Drive Greater Organizational Success

HighGround announced an enhanced version of its goal management solution within its mobile-friendly platform. Our customers can now empower employees to take control of their career development using proven agile goal-setting strategies.

Morgan Stanley to Rate Employees With Adjectives, Not Numbers

Another company is ditching numerical rankings for employees. Instead they’ll be using adjectives to rate performance.

What Drives Workplace Happiness?

43% of U.S. professionals say their top source of stress in the workplace is the lack of opportunity for growth and advancement in their careers. Make your employees happier and more productive by giving them recognition. Discover more about workplace happiness here.

5 Questions about Brain-Friendly Performance Management

What we hear is often different from what is said or meant. Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute and HighGround’s Chief Engagement Officer Andee Harris discuss how to handle this miscommunication in the workplace by having more brain-friendly conversations.

Does Your Performance Review Process Need a Performance Review?

A manager once said, “My job is to give away my job.” Why some performance reviews need to be re-evaluated to actually inspire better performance.

How Patagonia Keeps Employee Turnover ‘Freakishly Low’

No news is not good news. Patagonia talked with Fortune Magazine about using big data to pinpoint problem areas and take action.

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