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News You Might Have Missed – December 21

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Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HR industry news you might have missed.

These Are the Top 5 Workplace Trends We’ll See In 2017

One expert says 2017 will be the year HR transforms itself into something else. What is it?

Five Annual-Review Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If you’re acting like a judge rather than a coach during performance reviews, you’re doing it wrong. These are the five mistakes that can doom any performance conversation and what to do instead.

7 Smart Ways To Give The Gift Of Experiences, Not Things

Research has proven that experiential gifts are more well-received than traditional gifts. Check out some experiences you can give employees during the holiday season.

When Being a Pioneer Is Good For Business

You might have heard of this company setting the standard for forward-thinking and well-accepted employee practices. Here’s why it’s also good for their business.

Want Top IT Talent? Start Interviewing Well Before You Have Openings

Top IT talent is hard to find. Our Chief Customer & Technology Officer, Anjoo Rai-Marchant, explains how HighGround approaches hiring to ensure a skills and cultural fit well before there’s a job opening.

Is Your Employee Survey Worthless?

Now’s the time of year when annual surveys are on everyone’s minds. But you might unknowingly have created a survey that’s completely worthless.

5 Discouraging Phrases You Need to Avoid As a Boss

Good managers are always coaching their employees. But here are some things that should never be said to someone if you want to improve their performance.

How Emotionally Intelligent Bosses Resolve Conflicts

If you’re a manager, you’ve probably dealt with conflicts on your team. You can take a measured approach to solving these issues so they don’t become bigger, toxic problems.

Help Employees Move Up in Their Careers to Drive Down Turnover

Did you know that helping employees develop their skills and listening to their feedback can actually drive down turnover? Our Chief Engagement Officer, Andee Harris, explains.

The Ultimate Toolkit for Transitioning to Continuous Employee Development

You’ve decided to ditch annual reviews but need a plan for transitioning to a new approach. Our toolkit helps you manage change and start building momentum.

Find out how HighGround can help modernize your performance management.

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