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Hello from HighGround! Meet Clare Tuchscherer

Clare Tuchscherer

Today we’re spending some time getting to know Clare Tuchscherer, a customer success manager. Over her three-and-a-half year tenure here, Clare has developed a keen sense of what our clients need out of their HR technology solutions to help their employees be successful. Learn more about her life inside and outside of HighGround.

What brought you to HighGround?

A former colleague had started working at HighGround and told me that I just had to apply. The mission and vision of the organization resonated with me on so many levels. Once I heard what HighGround did I thought to myself, nope, I don’t get coached as often as I should, I don’t get feedback, I’m not recognized when I feel like I should be. I knew if I could immediately recognize the need of a program like this, then I would definitely have a ton of fun sharing our offerings with other organizations. Call me a millennial, but my work is so much more rewarding when I’m invested in the mission.

Tell us a bit about your everyday life at HighGround. How you do contribute to the company’s goals and what makes your day fun?

No day is the same! I love that all my clients are so unique. Everyone’s working toward the same goal but take a different route to get there. I truly enjoy hearing their goals to improve culture or employee learning and development and finding a way to not only achieve those goals but do it in a fun and  engaging way. Internally, I love that I get to interact with every department in our organization on a daily basis. It’s what makes us truly collaborative – no one department can succeed without the other and there’s a genuine desire to learn from each other.

How is HighGround disrupting the HR technology space?

HighGround is enabling businesses to give their employees a name instead of a rating, a future instead of a current standing. The conversation is changing from, “here’s where this employee stacks up on my team today” to “this person is showing promise, how can we get them the resources to stay here and to succeed.” We’re changing the conversation around employee value and I think that’s incredibly exciting.

What do you love about our clients?

I love how much they care about their employees. The conversations I have with them run deeper than how to configure a performance review or how they want employees to access the system. They constantly reference their culture, how they want their employees to develop their skills and celebrate successes through our platform. No decision gets made without ensuring the employee’s best interests have been met. It should also be said that my clients are also incredibly fun and kind.

What’s your perfect day off?

Perfect days off always include Chicago’s short-lived warm weather! I love starting my weekends at my local empanada shop, Cafe Tola, for breakfast. After that, I hop on my bike and head to the beach for a few hours with friends and later end up at the Cubs game in the afternoon. Games are hard to ignore considering I live half a block away from the stadium.

What are you currently watching?

I completely missed the boat on The Newsroom when it first came out. I’ve been binge-watching it for the last two weeks. Anything written by Aaron Sorkin I could watch on repeat.

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